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I'm Here For You

Do you feel lost, confused, overwhelmed . . . or like some part of you is crying out to be expressed but is stuck somehow? Has a conflict or disappointment thrown you off-course? Or do you feel like you've lost your spark?

 I am a combination of seer, priestess, healer, fairy godmother - someone who sees you deeply and helps you see yourself. From there, you can gain clarity, heal your wounds, and reconnect with your energy, motivation, and mojo. Then you can give expression to those parts of you that are calling out to be expressed in the world.

This is an invitation to open your heart to yourself and your life. There are gifts within you, just waiting to be accessed.  You are so much more powerful than you allow yourself to be. You know it, and I know it. It's time to let go of the blocks and access the goddess that lives inside you. I'll help you. Let's go.

How I Work with You

You can come to our session with 1-3 areas or questions you'd like to focus on, or we can simply tune into what comes up in the moment. It's important to the integrity of the session that a client be open to whatever wisdom wants to come forth in addition to or sometimes even instead of any specific questions they come with. The Divine has its own timing in revealing what we need to know and when, and I trust that implicitly. 

The wisdom I receive comes in a variety of different forms including images, verbal messages, and physical and energetic sensations. The session is like a 3-way conversation between you, me, and the Divine. Sometimes the guidance is specific and concrete; sometimes more conceptual or symbolic. Usually it's a combination of both in any given session. 

I do not consider myself an old-school predictive psychic and I advise all of my clients to run everything by their own inner guidance/wisdom/intuition. I also remind clients that we are tuning into what is presenting itself now, and though we are dancing in partnership with the Divine, we as individuals always have a great deal of freedom to shift the energy of our lives and circumstances through thought and action. 

What My Clients Say

"Ann's intelligent insight and compassionate neutrality helped me understand a bigger picture of both personal and professional challenges. I left my time with her feeling uplifted, relieved, and in charge with concrete steps how to move forward positively and proactively."

- HK 

"Because of you, I am making listening to my womb a daily practice, and I so needed that. Ever since our session, I have been conscious of a deep healing process happening in my womb area, and I just know that our interaction was the catalyst for this. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I can't even begin to tell you how huge this has been for me!  I am sending you so much gratitude and love for sharing your beautiful presence and incredible intuitive gifts with me!" 

- AL 


"I can count on one hand the intuitives that I've worked with who actually have the capability to see directly into the cosmic energies that surround me in order to guide my next decision-making processes. It's also these people who I trust with my whole heart. Ann is one of these women. Her wise counsel, spot-on intuition (seriously, how does she know this stuff?!), and clear sight into what I need to know is unmatched. She's on my intuition session speed dial and I highly recommend you book with her now before she's got a wait list of thousands."

- LM (former professional intuitive)

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